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Reach Trucks

The next level in reach truck productivity, delivered through innovation, technology and ergonomic design.

Reach Higher

As your customers demand more from you, you should be able to expect more from your reach trucks.

The Yale® MR series delivers more

  • More productivity with higher travel, lift and lower speeds.
  • More comfort with unique ergonomic controls and enhanced visibility.
  • More flexibility with seven models in capacities from 1,400kg to 2,500kg and lift heights up to 12.75m.
  • More choice with three chassis available to match your application.

All of which combine to deliver a reach truck that is more than simply fit for use – it’s fit precisely for your business.

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Driving productivity
Think ergonomics
Lowering the cost of ownership
Renowned reliability
Superior serviceability
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Driving productivity

Yale reach truckTo increase the productivity of your business, speed and control is of the essence. Higher travel speeds for long travel distances throughout your warehouse and lower speeds for precise load handling. The MR series gives you both.

Responsive performance

To move more loads per hour, fast cycle times are essential. That’s why we’ve increased the MR’s travel speed to 14 km/h and the mast speed to 0.8 metres per second with masts lifting up to 12.75m.

Move more

The robust heavy-duty mast design provides high residual capacities and stable load handling enabling faster put away and retrieval times. The 2,000kg heavy duty model can lift a full capacity load to 7.5m and 1,000kg to 12.5m.

Yale reach trucksTotal maneuverability

Your operator can choose between 180° and 360° steering at the touch of a button.

360° steering
Drive wheel rotates 270° when manoeuvring within the aisle without stopping.
180° steering
Truck has to come to a stop and direction of travel selected manually by operator

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Think ergonomics

Yale reach truck premium displayPremium display

An industry first premium touch screen display allows operators to be in full control of the truck at all times. The display provides PIN access, height preselect, fleet management information, weight indication, lift interrupt override, creep speed selection all at the touch of the screen. The screen opens up the possibility of regular updates to ensure that your truck will continue to benefit from the latest software versions and high levels of information.

Yale reach truck stepComfortably better

Getting into the operator compartment and retaining comfortable throughout the shift is a Yale® prerequisite. The lowest and widest step in the industry, integrated grab handles and an adjustable steering column support easy access. A new full suspension adjustable seat with integral lumbar support dramatically reduces whole body vibration; while wider spaced floor pedals provide increased leg room and a more comfortable operating position.

Yale reach truck joy stickErgonomic controls

Push button 360° steering offers greater driving control and more accurate positioning at the rack face. The new joystick with integrated controls mimics the natural shape of the hand, providing easy access for all lift functions, forward/reverse, and the horn. The AccuTouch™ mini-lever module with built-in controls maximizes operator familiarity, while additional function buttons are integrated into the adjustable armrest.

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Lowering the cost of ownership

By designing and building reliability and dependability into every Yale® MR series model, and then working ceaselessly in your business you will benefit from increased productivity and a greater return on your materials handling fleet investment.

Yale reach truck

More fuel-efficiency

The ECO-eLo energy efficiency mode can, depending on the application, reduce energy consumption by up to 20% without having a significant negative effect on overall productivity.

Harder working

Yale® builds reliability and dependability into every Yale® MR series model, this can provide your business with the opportunity to increase productivity and realise a greater return on your materials handling fleet investment.

Higher residual values

And should you ever decide to change your Yale® MR series reach truck in the future, you can be sure that the residual value will be amongst the best in the industry.

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Renowned reliability

Reliability is built into every Yale® materials handling product through the use of quality industrial standard components. The latest generation AC motors, Vehicle Control Manager and state of the art controls contribute to increased levels of productivity and uptime.

Yale reach truck99% new. 100% proven.

An astonishing 99% of the components in the MR series are new and improved, from the latest generation motors to increase uptime to state-of-the-art controls to raise productivity.

Yale narrow aisle reach truckIntelligent technology

Should a problem ever occur, our integrated Dual CANbus technology ensures you will be able to identify an operator error or malfunction and fix it fast. Our unique innovative ‘Get Home’ function can even be activated after all functions come to rest, allowing the operator to drive to the truck to an appropriate place of repair.

The side extraction system enables rapid battery changeover to maximise uptime and make battery changeover as easy as possible.

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Superior serviceability

Increased productivity through lower maintenance. The MR series is designed for fast, simple servicing, reducing downtime and keeping your truck operational.

Yale reach truck servicingSimple servicing

Everything about the MR series is designed to make servicing simple. From the 3-piece build that reduces replacement parts to the swing open door and fast-release floor plate which provide easy access to the motors, hydraulics and foot-well components. Maintenance – free – greased for ‘life’ mast rollers, 100% leak free disconnect hydraulic fittings and side access to load wheels all contribute to making regular maintenance easy, reducing service time.

Longer service intervals

Our trucks work harder for longer with recommended 3,000 hour hydraulic oil and filter service intervals and 1,000 hour transmission oil changes.

Advanced diagnostics

A single plug-in service point connects your engineer’s laptop to our advanced truck diagnostics, giving them instant access to essential service information. On-board, the unique dual integrated CANbus technology ensures fast identification of faults while the operator’s display also provides critical status of components and error codes.

Reliable parts availability

Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver genuine Yale® replacement parts to you – fast. Our parts warehouse stocks 2.5 million parts, all available for immediate despatch.

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Add More options

Yale reach truck cold store cabinYou can choose from a range of options to tailor your MR reach truck to your exact application needs.

A drop in temperatures doesn’t mean a drop in performance.

The fully insulated cabin is available in both standard and narrow chassis models. Heated windows and heaters built into the cabin doors maintain the optimum temperature for the operator.

Combined with a sophisticated air circulation system your operators can work longer more comfortably. Visibility isn’t compromised either, operators have a clear all round view with venting and wipers keeping the front of the cabin clear from mist. The truck is available with glass or polycarbonate, heated or unheated windows.

In freezing temperatures moving parts can adversely affect reliability that’s why we’ve perfected hydraulic lubrication to withstand the effects of temperatures down to -30°C without compromising on truck performance.

Yale reach truck laser positioningLaser positioning

Another industry first for Yale® – laser positioning allows the operator to work faster, safer and reduce damage to products and racking.

The laser projects a red dot and line from the location on the fork carriage, this enables the operator to clearly see where the forks need to be positioned in to lift the pallet safely. This helps reduce human error, particularly where operators have to position or pick loads high in the racking. The laser is automatically switched on when the mast lifts beyond free lift (around 2m)

Yale reach truck overhead guard optionsOverhead guard

Four different drive-in racking overhead guards are available to meet various application requirements.

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Tektra MR14-25 Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart


Model Last kapacitet (kg) Løftehøjde (mm) AST (bred / lang) (mm) Batterikapacitet (V / Ah) Vægt (kg)
MR14 1400 10500 2718 / 2764 48V / 420-775Ah 3112
MR16 1600 10500 2731 / 2767 48V / 420-775Ah 3162
MR16N 1600 9000 2762 / 2811 48V / 420-775Ah 3111
MR16HD 1600 11400 2834 / 2896 48V / 560-775Ah 4038
MR20 2000 8150 2795 / 2835 48V / 560-775Ah 3615
MR20HD 2000 12750 2850 / 2904 48V / 700-930Ah 4425
MR25 2500 8150 2890 / 2915 48V / 700-930Ah 4038
Tektra MR14-25 Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart


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Tektra MR14-25 Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart


Tektra MR14-25 Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart

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