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MRE Tilting-mast reach truck

Reach truck to work in narrow aisles

The Yale MR10-14E series of reach trucks with a tilting mast offers exceptional benefits for applications where space is constrained. The MRE series is dependable and efficient, with a lift height of up to 7.5m and a small chassis and with a capacity of up to 1400kg, they are ideally suited to manoeuvre in narrow aisles.

Reach truck highlights:  

  • Tilting mast up to 7.5m with integral side shift (in fork carriage). Perfect for narrow aisles
  • Excellent visibility through the mast and overhead guard
  • Tilting mast provides better visibility of the load when placing/removing from racking reducing the risk of damage
  • Overhead guard with excellent visibility
  • Same ergonomics as the MR14-25 Series provides a high quality operator compartment that is comfortable and easy to work in
  • Full suspension adjustable seat with integral lumbar support reduces whole body vibration
  • Narrow chassis’ make it easier to work in tight areas (MR10E and MR12E)
  • Steering column is mounted directly on to the chassis with sturdy slider mechanism
  • Mini levers or optional joystick follow the natural shape of the hand
  • Robust base frame, sealed connectors, dual CAN bus and proven components throughout
  • Reliable and productive: easy, low-cost maintenance with long service intervals
  • Energy efficient: ECO-eLo performance mode reduces energy consumption 

Tektra MR10-14E Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart


Model Last kapacitet (kg) Løftehøjde (mm) AST (bred / lang) (mm) Batterikapacitet (V / Ah) Vægt (kg)
MR10E 1000 5000 2770 / 2850 48V / 280-620Ah 2845
MR12E 1200 5000 2770 / 2850 48V / 280-620Ah 2845
MR14E 1400 5000 2741 / 2792 48V / 280-620Ah 2948
Tektra MR10-14E Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart


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Tektra MR10-14E Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart


Tektra MR10-14E Århus, Roskilde, Odense, Middelfart

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