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Compact Pallet Truck

Compact pedestrian powered pallet truck delivering excellent manoeuvrability in confined spaces

The MPC14 Compact Powered Pallet trucks are built to last, with their compact construction and a tight turning circle they are easy to use in confined spaces.

They are ideal for loading for unloading delivery vehicles and for internal transportation of closed and open pallets over short or long distances.

  • Easy to use controls

    The low effort ergonomically designed controls are placed to reduce operator fatigue and the responsive butterfly switches control travel direction, speed and braking allowing for a smooth start, controlled braking and acceleration.

  • Durable and robust design

    In case of a collision, components and the battery are protected with special designed cover. The welded fork construction and reinforced compact chassis makes the truck resistant to torsion with heavy loads.

  • Creep speed function

    The creep-speed function is ideal for manoeuvring in dense areas.

  • Low cost of ownership

    On board charger for on-site recharge, optimized battery packs to ensure maximum time of operation.

  • Operator productivity

    The standard anti-roll back system, stabilising wheels to maximize stability when turning and single load wheels and exit/entry roller optimise pallet handling for operator peace of mind.

Tektra MPC14 Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart


Model Last kapacitet (kg) Løftehøjde (mm) AST (bred / lang) (mm) Batterikapacitet (V / Ah) Vægt (kg)
MPC14 1400kg 200mm 2131 / 2029mm 24V / 80h(V/Ah) 230kg
Tektra MPC14 Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart


Tektra MPC14 Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart


Tektra MPC14 Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart

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