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Platform Low Lift Pallet Truck

Platform Low Lift Pallet Trucks

The MP20XV is ideal for medium and light duty use, the MP20X has been designed for medium to heavy duty applications and the MP20XD has been specifically developed for double pallet handling capability in large capacity trailer loading applications.

The three models in the MPX series have been designed to match intensive, medium and light duty operations.

  • Large cushioned operator platform

    A large cushioned operator platform with non-slip surface allows the operator to determine the most comfortable driving position throughout the shift. The cushioned platform also performs am operator presence switch function, preventing the truck from operating with no operator.

  • Ergonomic tiller head

    Ergonomic tiller head with angled hand grips and responsive low effort ‘butterfly’ controls reduce stress and fatigue on the operator’s wrist, thumb and fingers. Dual lift and lower controls are positioned for left or right hand use.

  • Four pre-set performance settings

    Four pre-set performance levels can be selected to suit the application needs or the operator’s preference.

  • Fly by wire steering

    Minimum effort is required to manoeuvre the truck, turning rotation ratio of the tiller arm to the drive wheel is 75: 90 degrees, so the operator can work with less effort and arm movement, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

  • Low maintenance

    AC-DC MOSFET Combi Electronic Control Technology provides energy efficient performance and low maintenance with 1000 hour service intervals.

Tektra MP20XV Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart


Model Last kapacitet (kg) Løftehøjde (mm) AST (bred / lang) (mm) Batterikapacitet (V / Ah) Vægt (kg)
MP20XV Fixed (BOB) (stand-on) 2000kg 130mm 3105 / 2951mm 24V / 210-500Ah(V/Ah) 1026kg
MP20XV Fixed (BIGA) (stand-on) 2000kg 130mm 3056 / 2902mm 24V / 210-500Ah(V/Ah) 1026kg
MP20XV (pedestrian) 2000kg 130mm 2552 / 2398mm 24V / 210-500Ah(V/Ah) 976kg
MP20XV (stand-on) 2000kg 130mm 2991 / 2837mm 24V / 210-500Ah(V/Ah) 976kg
Tektra MP20XV Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart


Tektra MP20XV Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart


Tektra MP20XV Århus, Århus, Roskilde, Middelfart, Middelfart

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